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“Sticky” Bars

on February 14, 2012

A super easy recipe for a delicious and convenient snack…with so many variations!

1 cup peanuts

1 cup dates

Place ingredients in food processor or blender.  Blend until nuts and dates are in extremely small pieces.  Taste to see if the mixture is sweet enough for you.  Add more dates for a sweeter bar….(more dates also help make the bars stick together.)  Gather the mixture and create a rectangular shape.  Wrap in plastic and chill for an hour.  Cut into bar-size pieces and individually wrap for quick and easy snacks to go.

Variations…this is where it gets fun.

Use various nuts…almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, etc.

Add various dried fruit…dried cherries, currants, dried blueberries, etc.

Other possible ingredients…cocoa powder, spices, extracts, seeds, etc.

Create delicious variations…

Peanuts+dates+cocoa powder+dried cherries= Chocolate Cherry Bar

Almonds+dates+1/3 cup oatmeal+raisins+dash of cinnamon=Oatmeal Breakfast Bar

Cashews+dates+lemon juice+lemon zest=Lemon Bar

Mixed Nuts+dates+sunflower seeds+cranberries+raisins=Trail Mix Bar

(You get the idea.)